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The Firm has a dedicated team dealing exclusively with Infrastructure Projects. Lawyers/Advocates   with vast and rich Public Sector experience rendering expert advise in the areas of aviation, road and bridges, rail infrastructure, healthcare, hospitality and social infrastructure with deep knowledge of Public Private Partnerships. The Firm render customized professional services to Government Agencies, Private Players and also to the transaction advisors. The scope of service include:-

  • Drafting, vetting and negotiating the Bid Documents like ITB, RFQ, RFP and also subsequent clarifications to the queries of the Bidders.  We also provide legal guidance during evaluation of the Bids.
  • Drafting and vetting of Concession Agreements and Development Agreements. Negotiation with the Government/Government Agencies/Authorities and other consultants in formulating the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
  • Advising and Structuring the regulatory and statutory framework for the infrastructure Projects and assisting the Governmental agency in formulating and structuring policies for the implementation of PPP and other Infrastructure Projects.
  • Assisting Government agencies for drafting enabling legislations required for implementation of the Infrastructure Projects.
  • Vetting and reviewing the bankability and Commercial/Legal viability of the project taking into consideration the Bid Documents and Project Documents.
  • Assisting and advising in making the scheme of the Project to make it risk aversive, bankable and also viable in commercial terms. This exercise includes the determination of the Bid Parameters, other privileges to the developer, consideration of the Project, synchronization of the main project with other related benefits.
  • Rendering independent opinion on various legal issues pertaining to the Project. Specific end to end opinion on the legal/Regulatory issues involved in the Project.